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El primer canal de televisión interactiva que cubre todos los medio de comunicación existentes, estamos en más de 40 paises a lo largo del mundo con más de 180 operadores de cable. Contamos con la mejor y más poderosa señal de transmisión por Internet que le permite a nuestros usuarios ver la señal en vivo desde cualquier parte del mundo, y en cualquier equipo móvil con Internet, también contamos con señal de televisión satélital

Llega a Colombia el canal de televisión mas importante del mundo del entretenimiento en vivo. MiamiTV cubre los eventos más impactantes del entretenimiento, te muestra los más exclusivos sitios de rumba de cada país, finos restaurantes, eventos de moda y farándula, cubre la llegada de artista y conciertos importantes, las ferias y fiestas de cada región y algunos eventos deportivos.

Informacion General:
Miami TV is the flagship trendsetting entertainment channel in a group of eight other assigned channels that were founded in 2007. We were the first company to broadcast live shows internationally without involving other third parties. We are renowned for being the first company to be transgressional, yet promoting positive lifestyles.

Miami TV has introduced a different concept of sharing entertainment.  We break many of society’s taboos to attract our viewers’ attention to our affirmative message.  The members of our audience have intelligent, inquiring minds with a desire for content that is unique and real. Our subscriber base has members whose age ranges from 25 to over 65 years. They enjoy the very special nature of our programming, shows without critics, gossip, gloomy news, or negativity. Rather, they find a channel that is made to relax them and provide them with smiles, joy, and pleasure that relieves the stresses of the day.

Miami TV’s production company has produced many hit shows in Latin America and the US.  Among them are:   Hoy Miami, our early success from 2002 to 2006. Miami Caliente, a continuing great hit that started in 2008 and has always enjoyed great popularity up to the present.
Jenny Live, a very special uplifting talk show with unusual and interesting topics and a very personal format.  First aired in 2009, it has been acclaimed by our our viewers as our main show.

Miami TV Caliente went international after experiencing amazing acceptance and growth locally. It is hosted by Jenny Scordamaglia, who received the award for being the best upcoming TV host in November 2009 by International Chain Caracol.  This occurred in the American Airlines Arena during the six-hour show, Caliente, which was the biggest international Latin festival coming from Europe.

Miami TV videos and TV shows are broadcast to the whole world through various satellites and cable channels. These cover the US, Latin America, and Europe. In addition, IP TV live streaming reaches more than 27 million viewers monthly and is still growing. Miami Caliente is a weekly summary of Miami TV, which is broadcast through air channels and cable channels in the main cities of Latin America, Europe, and in 365 channels in the US. Clips of Miami TV are distributed to different air channels independently from our standard programming and our premier show, Jenny Live.

Own TV productions:  Hoy Miami, Hoy Miami Real Estate, Miami Caliente, Cancun Caliente, Jenny Live, Kino Yoga, Miami TV Colombia Events, All Live Events

Aguila de Cristal Jenny Scordamaglia
Miami Life Award MiamI TV


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2009 Aguila de Cristal
Caracol Internacional

2011 Miami Life Awards


Shows  &  Channels

Jenny Live is a live interactive show that is broadcast by Miami TV in "spanglish" from Monday to Wednesday at 10pm E.T. every week.  It’s a transgressional show that was the first to break the rules of regular TV.  Its positive message inspires people from all around the world and of all ages.  They interact through chat and email, discussing topics about anything in life, often breaking society's taboos. Completely spontaneous, the purpose of the show is to create a friendly environment where people of all ages can talk to Jenny about pretty much anything that goes on in their life. The show’s guidance to a better quality of life is presented in a way that is  fun to the viewer. What began as a simple studio entertainment idea is today our most wanted show worldwide; first presented on the Web, then through cable, air and satellite and now, it's received even on phones around the world. By joining together a massive and diverse audience of viewers from all around the world, accepting different cultures, ideas, thoughts and points of view, Jenny Live creates that "real connection" between viewers anywhere.  The young lady who hosts the show is Jenny Scordamaglia, whose great physical beauty is matched by her internal warmth, joy, charm, and compassion.  Her personality is as bubbly as champagne, and she can be as playful as a young puppy.  Yet, when she discusses the problems and questions posed by her audience, she exhibits intelligence, wisdom and common sense with a strong sense of morality that belies her young years. Her unfailing good humor, and her dedication to helping others makes her a person that anyone would love to have as a friend.  This is why the program has been such a success and why you will want to watch it whenever it is on.

Miami Caliente Miami Caliente started in 2009, produced by Miami TV. It was then launched internationally and locally in channel 8 SF. It features all the hottest places in events and people of Miami. This program is perfect for tourists to review as an introduction and guide before they visit Miami.  From beaches, to sports places, to racetracks, to lounges, to restaurants, to fairs, and a plethora of other fascinating attractions, it has a limitless ability to portray Miami as it really is.

Vive Viajando Presentado por Alex Tienda. Recorre su bello país de México viajando por los lugares más exuberantes y exóticos para compartirlo con aquellos que quieran algún día visitar. Desde el cielo volando hasta debajo del agua nadando Alex lleva su cámara a todos lados y con su buen humor hace que cada video sea un paseo para todos.

Miami Music Television Miami Music Television show provides a platform to display the talents of musicians, bands, and performers from the South Florida and international markets who perform all genres and styles of music.  The program also includes celebrity guest appearances and interviews of interesting people coming from the music and entertainment industries. Don’t miss this, the hottest music show on television!

Tierra De Sueños es un programa de contenido estrictamente humanista, en su vertiente más amplia, encuentren en ese mundo holístico que habla de mente, cuerpo y espíritu la respuesta a sus eternas preguntas…desde hace 21 años, ofrecemos un abanico de posibilidades que tengan que ver con el ser humano en todos los ámbitos. Hablamos de historia, antropología, mitos, leyendas, tradiciones, filosofías, órdenes herméticas, religión, fenomenología paranormal, solidaridad, misterio, humanismo, etc.; todo lo que tenga que ver con la creación y el ser humano.

Trip Films with Livio Bestulic I travel, find real people, do adventures, film and write. This is an adventure on the run. Vilho and his wife travel around the world as a living and share it with the rest of us so we can experience the culture, rareness, excitement and diversities every Country has to offer. From erupting volcanoes to exotic food and beautiful views, some very humble places and some of the world’s richest. It’s an adventure that never ends.

Momento Latino A show from Italy about Miami and its Latin American Culture, interviews to Latin Celebrities in Salsa Dance and Music

Modified a show  by   Bryan Chuechunklin: Cars, Audio and Sexy Models all wrapped up in one!

Megashow a show coming from Argentina, showing the best oldies and today memorable concerts of all times.

Miami TV Models a membership only channel specialized only in fashion shows, on and backstage and exclusive photo shoots.

Miami TV DJ a membership only channel specialized on the most exclusive DJ's worldwide, nightclub parties and mixes.

Miami TV Music a membership only channel specialized in music from all genders, from American to German and Indian, music from all over the world to please our different culture audience. Most clips are oldies past women music groups which are hard to find, exclusive only in Miami TV.

Miami TV Latin Music  a membership only channel specialized in Latin music, from concerts in Argentina to local Miami Bands and interviews to the world’s most popular Latin artists

Miami TV Hotels a membership only channel specialized in the best resorts and hotels in the world. A perfect place to choose were to travel and pick out a vacation to relax. Also has food segments from all over the world

Miami TV Life a membership only channel specialized in wellbeing, meditation, health and science. Everything to understand this world.

Miami TV Autoshow a membership only channel specialized in laughter! Entertainment clips worldwide to have a good time.

Miami TV Club a membership only channel specialized in laughter ! Entertainment clips worldwide to have a good time.

Miami TV
Miami TV Music
Miami TV Latin Music
Miami TV DJ
Miami TV Models
Miami TV Autoshow
Miami TV Life & Health
Miami TV Hotels
Enrique Benzoni CEO Miami TV
Jenny Scordamaglia Miami TV

CEO  - Enrique Benzoni

  • Radio Host - LT8 Radio Rosario 1974 -1978

  • Radio Host Radio Belgrano 1987

  • General Director of Miss Argentina from 1983 to 1994

  • General Producer at ATC, Canal 7, 9, 2, 11  &  13 in  Argentina from  1982 – 2001  (19 years)

  • General Director of "Rumbo a Miss Universo", 1995 - 1997

  • General Director, realizator of Special visit from President George H.W Bush to Argentina, 1996

  • General Director of "Argentina Ski Show", 1987 -1989

  • General Director or "Rural 88 - 90", 1988 - 1990

  • General Director "Una Noche de Coleccion", 1984-1994

  • General Director Special Broadcast from "United Nations" (New York) 1994

  • Producer of "Jean Cartier Awards", 1992-1996

  • Producer & Director of "Premios Goya" (Spain) 1998

  • Producer & Director of "Hoy Miami" & "Hoy Miami Real Estate" TV Show, 2002-2007

  • Programming Consultant WGentv Ch.8 2006-2008

Spoke Person & VP - Jenny Scordamaglia

  • Host of "Caliente" Latin Festival from Zurich in American Airlines Arena November 2009

  • Award Winner of "Aguila de Cristal" from Caracol Internacional for best TV Host 2009 given in American Arlines

  • Co Producer & TV Host  "Miami Caliente" - GENTV Channel 8 (Sat 11pm), Cosmovision & Miami TV + affiliated channels

  • Co Producer & TV Host "Cancun Caliente" - Miami TV

  • Co Producer & TV Host "Jenny Live" - Miami TV & affiliated channels -current

  • Producer of "Vidblogger Nation" Comcast - Xfinity show 2011-2012

  • Host "Doc Miami International Film Festival 2012" - Tito Puentes & Willy Chirino


(Anyone not listed should not be considered part of Miami TV Staff
nor get accreditations as Miami TV)

Rosana Staville - General Manager
Alberto Gomez
- Commercial Director Latin America
Eduardo Nicolini - Director Miami TV Argentina
Gabriel Reyes: Director Miami TV España
Alejandro Chavez: Director Miami TV Colombia
Luis Fernandez - Program Director & Producer
Esteban Stavile - Sports Director & Journalist
Paola H Garay - Presentadora Miami TV Colombia
Katia Fernandez - Reporter in MiamI
Yessica Milano: TV Host Miami TV España
Santa Maria Peña - Reporter Miami TV Dominican Republic
Monica Zdziebkowska - Photographer
Julio Mosquera - Photographer
Simon Soong - Photographer

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